Our History

Katzie Development Limited Partnership, located in Pitt Meadows, BC, is a Katzie First Nation owned and operated economic development firm established by the Nation in 2006. As a corporation, we operate under an appointed Board of Directors who jointly oversee our activities and strive to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole.

Since its inception, Katzie Development Limited Partnership has operated an archaeological consulting company, which has expanded to offer a range of specialist services. This enables KDLP to offer comprehensive, cost-saving full and select-service packages to our clients. In addition to our comprehensive cultural resource management services, our specialized services include: wet-site excavation, palaeoethnobotany and conservation of perishable materials at our very own conservation laboratory. We also offer complete lithic and sediment/soils analysis services.

KDLP also offers a wide range of environmental management, including monitoring services. Our team includes field technicians who have logged hundreds of hours of environmental monitoring time on a diverse array of projects for an equally diverse clientele. Our environmental management team works closely with technical experts on project design and implementation. We have a reputation for providing professional and timely services for both large and small scale projects. KDLP’s environmental section also works closely with the archaeology section to provide dual service packages for clients. In this manner, we are able to create project efficiencies that are positively reflected in the project budget and timelines.

Our Success

KDLP has proven results: we have successfully completed a multi-year archaeological excavation of a highly complex and unique ancient village site. This project entailed the excavation of over 1000 cubic metres of archaeological deposit. During the height of the excavation, KDLP employed over 80 people, 70% of whom were from local First Nations communities. In addition to successfully completing one of the largest archaeological excavations in BC history, KDLP has conducted numerous small and medium-scale projects for a number of different clients, some of whom include:

  • BC Hydro
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • LaFarge
  • Golden Crossing Constructors
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • The Teal-Jones Group
  • Translink
Our Staff

From traditional resource specialists to field technicians, we regularly hire local First Nation community members to assist with all of our projects. Many of these assistants have become core members of our staff and through specialized training, have acquired the expertise and skills that form the foundation of many of our specialist services. We have a number of professional archaeologists on staff, all of whom are either Professional or Associate members of the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists. Our core team pride ourselves on the efficient completion of projects and on the superior quality of our services. As reflected in our core staff, KDLP is committed to ensuring our staff has the support needed to advance their core skills and enhance their professional development.

Community Engagement

KDLP gives back to the community by providing both short and long-term employment opportunities, on-the-job training and public education sessions. To encourage the exchange of information and ideas, KDLP regularly engages in public education forums – from presentations at the local high school to professional conferences. Our team is passionate about facilitating community engagement and promoting cultural heritage awareness and preservation.